Mephisto Stiletto Heels

There are many fashion faux pas for ladies, but Stiletto Heels may be one of the worst. For most women they know it when they buy a pair of shoes with heels that just don’t do it for them. They love to look glamorous and feeling like a million dollars when they put them on, but then when they try to wear them out, all they end up with is a big letdown. There is something that can be done to prevent this, and it all starts with learning why you don’t feel good in your shoes. We want to help you know what to look for in a pair of Stiletto Heels. So here goes!

Do you hate feeling like you have to keep moving your feet to take the smallest step? If so, you will hate wearing Stiletto Heels. They will make you feel like your feet are permanently planted to the pavement. This is the number one complaint about high heels, and it’s also the number one reason why women stay away from these types of shoes. They give off an unnatural feeling, which is almost like how your feet feel when you are dying or going crazy. It doesn’t matter if you are walking down the street or you’re rushing to catch your bus, you just won’t feel any different.

Another reason that Stiletto Heels is not as popular as they once were, is because they are completely impossible to walk in comfortably. Your entire body is trying to keep up with your stiletto heels, and that just isn’t comfortable. When you put your foot down, it immediately flexes, and it’s very hard for your foot to stay on balance. Women who prefer stiletto shoes have turned to other styles, like boots or even flats, but most women still find high heels to be irritating.

Not only are high heels irritating but they are downright dangerous. If you fall in the middle of the road, or off of a curb, you are taking a serious risk. You don’t need to have a super athletic body to wear stiletto shoes, as they are made for everyone, but the point is, it’s still a risk. Brian Atwood created a product called Mephisto, which is a stiletto alternative that is not only comfortable but also breathable. While Mephisto is not as common as stiletto alternatives, it is still worth checking out if you happen to find a pair at a good price.

There are still tons of women out there that are too scared to try anything new, including stiletto heels. You can always opt for a pair of flats, if you are more comfortable going that route. You’ll get the same sort of results, just in a different way. The thing is, people have been wearing stilettos for ages, so why should stiletto heels are taboo? Atwood states that the stiletto was invented by men in order to compliment their physique, and not because women wanted to look like stilettos.

Stilettos are usually worn with pants, skirts, dresses, or even just shorts. They look absolutely adorable with skirts. If you happen to find yourself with a skirt that you’d like to wear stiletto heels on, Mephisto makes a great pair of wedges. These are very sexy! Brian Atwood even recommends that you wear them with a jacket, if you want to add a little more bling to your outfit.

Stilettos are usually found on tall stilettos, like those that most women wear with pants. However, there are now stiletto heels that are smaller, like those that come with baggy jeans or leggings. Mephisto makes a variation on this, called “stilettos with knee.” This pair of stilettos actually cut diagonally, giving a unique look. Most people have the tendency to wear stilettos with pants, but having a pair to wear with leggings can be really fun. The only problem with this is that it can make you look shorter.

If you’re interested in buying a pair of stilettos, Brian Atwood has some recommendations. Firstly, he says that you shouldn’t buy used stilettos because of the risk of damage. Secondly, if you can’t find a style that you like, he suggests trying something more outrageous. Finally, he says that women should consider purchasing stilettos from a reputable retailer, as stilettos can get pricey. You can purchase your stilettos at Mephisto, and if you decide to shop elsewhere, look for deals at various online retailers.