How to Wear Sandals With Flats and Heels

Sandals Heels? Yep, you’ve seen them… in everything. From casual summer footwear to formal evening wear, sandals of any style are making a comeback. These timeless comfort shoes are the “in” thing for both women and men, regardless of their age, shape or size. If you’re ready to join the movement, here are some tips on choosing the right pair of sandals for you:

* Size – Sandals can vary in size just as much as flip-flops. While many women think they have to go with a regular shoe size, that is not necessarily true. There are lots of women who have no idea their feet fall into different sizes. So, it’s best to have your feet measured so you know what kind of sandals you need.

* Comfort – You don’t want to walk around with blisters. Choose sandals with cushioning in the heel and the foot bed. Whether you like open-backed or closed-back sandals, you’ll find that comfort is key when choosing flip-flops. You want them to be supportive and you want them to feel good when you walk, not when you’re tired or trying to decide on which outfit to wear.

* Color – While you can always get away with wearing any old sandal you want, most people do not. Sandals are meant to be a statement of style. Think about your wardrobe and choose a pair of flip-flops that reflect a fashion that you love. If you don’t have the time to make your own sandals, you may want to buy them from a brick-and-mortar store or online, where you can choose from an extensive selection.

* Style – Flip-flops are not only for summer. You can wear them for almost any season. Wedges, platforms, heeled or flat, there are plenty of styles out there to suit your feet and taste. A fun trend for fall is strappy sandals, perfect for women who want a little glam but not too much. The great thing about flip-flops is that they can go with virtually any outfit, so you can dress them up or dress them down; you’ll have a favorite pair no matter what.

* Heels – Sandals with heels are a must-have this year. Heeled sandals are sexy and they make you look like you have more height than you actually do. Flip-flops with heels are available in a variety of heel heights, from high-heeled, platform sandals to flat and low-heeled ones. Whatever your style might be, you’ll be able to find the flip-flop that works for you.

* Heels – Heeled sandals with flip-flops are the new hipster footwear item of the season. With the popularity of the wedges, platforms and the heeled version of sandals, it’s easy to see why the flip-flop is making a comeback. While flats and wedges are all fine on a date, when it comes to being fashionable, they just don’t cut it. And sandals with flips flop are the latest thing in town, and for good reason. They’re fun, funky and they make you feel fabulous.

* Heels – When it’s time to update your footwear, the best thing you can do is go with sandals. There are a wide variety of flat and wedge sandals that will work with just about any outfit. From strappy sandals to flat ones, the latest trend in shoes is sandals with flip-flops. The flat ones have a very casual look, while the wedge and high heel versions have a more polished look that’s perfect for the office. Go crazy with the new sandals heels of today.